Divine Consign Zoofari Cupcake DisplayCupcakes are perfect for many types of fundraisers, as they are universally loved and baked fresh from scratch locally in our Milwaukee cupcake bakery. We appreciate your support of our business, and are honored to give back to the community by offering a fundraising program to non-profit organizations, school groups, sports teams, daycare centers, extracurricular activities, and more! Organizations that have used our fundraising services with success include Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital, United Way, Marquette University, MSOE, Wheaton Franciscan Medical Centers, Glendale Heights Child Care Center, New World Montessori School, sororities and fraternities, high school and middle school sports teams, and other charitable events.

Below you will find details about our Cupcake Bake Sale Fundraiser program. Space in our schedule is limited, so please contact us for availability. If your organization is interested in holding a cupcake fundraiser, we look forward to hearing from you!

Cupcake Bake Sale Fundraiser

We can provide you with everything you need to hold your own bake sale without having to bake a single cupcake!:) This program works best if you have a good location to sell the cupcakes during a busy time to capture the attention of as many people as possible. Some examples- outside the cafeteria at lunch time, concessions at a sporting event, during parent pickup time, etc.

To hold a successful bake sale, you need to advertise it to potential customers by sending out e-mails, posting on your organization’s social media, handing out flyers, etc. Once you’ve determined a good day and time to hold the sale that also works with our schedule, we will assist you with the details.

We will lend you a display case that works best for selling 6 or 9 flavors, as it has 3 shelves. The more flavors you offer, the more cupcakes your customers will be tempted to purchase. We will help you select popular best-selling flavors and determine a good number of cupcakes to bring.

CGC Will Provide/Lend You:

(All lent items are free of charge for the first 24 hours. If you will need them longer, we may work out a reasonable rental fee with you.)

  • Acrylic cupcake display case
  • 6 or 9 flavors of cupcakes in our reusable bins
  • Flavor and price signage
  • CGC business or menu cards
  • We will post your event on our social media pages if requested and event is open to the public
  • Advice on how to set up the booth, how to sell and handle the cupcakes, effective advertising, etc.

Your Organization Will Provide/Be Responsible For:

  • Volunteers to pick up and drop off cupcakes and supplies to and from CGC
  • At least 2 volunteers to staff the bake sale
  • 2 clothed rectangular banquet tables (6′-8′ works best) for your booth
  • All advertising of the sale
  • Any signage and advertising materials identifying your group and purpose of the sale
  • Small plates, forks, and napkins if cupcakes are expected to be consumed on site
  • Packaging for cupcakes sold (i.e. plastic snap containers, cupcake boxes, bags, etc.). You may purchase plastic snap containers from us for $.50 each. You can also request your customers bring their own reusable containers to be more eco-friendly.
  • Plastic gloves for handling cupcakes during sale
  • Cash box or register, adequate change for day of sale, credit card processing if desired (we recommend the Square app for iPhone and Android)
  • Paying CGC $3.00 for each standard recipe cupcake (or $3.50 for each gluten free or vegan cupcake) sold during sale. Funds are due by cash, credit card, or corporate/organization check (no personal checks) at the time unsold cupcakes and lent items are returned at the end of the sale. You may choose to sell the cupcakes at our regular retail price of $4.00 each for standard recipe (or $4.50 each for gluten free or vegan), or more if you think your customers would be willing to pay more. You can also choose to pre-package them in larger quantities. Your organization will earn the $1.00+ per cupcake profit from the day of the sale. You are responsible for careful handling of the cupcakes and returning all unsold cupcakes in salable condition, and we reserve the right to charge you for damaged cupcakes you return. Unsold cupcakes must be returned to us the same day of the sale to avoid being charged for them.
  • $100 refundable deposit payable to CGC for lent items including display case and bins (we suggest writing a check at pickup, which we will return to you uncashed or use toward your product fees when the items are returned clean and undamaged).
  • Returning all lent items to us CLEAN and undamaged within 24 hours of the end of the sale
  • Optimal conditions to sell the cupcakes- indoors works best, though they can be sold outside under cover (tent, building) during certain times of the year. We reserve the right to restrict locations based on weather risk, as we need to protect our reputation and control the quality of our products being sold to the public.

If your event has the potential to sell 500 or more cupcakes, we may consider staffing/running your fundraiser for an additional fee to cover our labor and supplies. Please contact us to request more information if you feel your sale falls into this category.

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