Partnerships Program

After celebrating the 10th anniversary of Classy Girl Cupcakes in the challenging year that was 2020, we felt it was our responsibility to make an impactful, socially aware New Years Resolution that uses what we have and what we’ve built to help others. We resolved to partner with 12 local charitable organizations and minority owned small businesses, one per month in 2021, to help them grow their followings, grow their causes, and grow their businesses. 2020 was a rough year on so many levels, defined by loss and by what we couldn’t do. Let’s make 2021 about growth, building upon the things we CAN do, and let’s see what impact we can create together!

Please contact us if you represent or know of any local grassroots social justice organizations or minority owned small businesses that could benefit from partnering with us. The only rules are that they can’t be direct competitors to us, they have to be located in southeastern Wisconsin, and it has to be practical and make sense to help them with cupcakes, somehow in some way. Our owner and bakery manager will make the final decisions on who we partner with to create connections that are mutually beneficial. Please see below to learn about and support the organizations and businesses we’ve chosen so far. We’re so excited to collaborate with the community in a most meaningful way this year!

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