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Chase My Creations logo.We partnered with Chase My Creations in June 2021 to coincide with Juneteenth Day and support racial justice in Milwaukee. Owner Chloe Longmire started out making earrings and matching tees for herself and daughter Chase, because she wasn’t able to find designs that spoke to their heritage or celebrated Blackness. That passion and hobby has now turned into a full blown business that has brought her much success over the past year. It turns out that many people were also searching for ways to celebrate Black culture in Milwaukee and beyond. Chloe sells her designs online, and at local makers markets and farmers markets.

Chloe creates crafts and apparel that uplift, highlight, and center Black heritage and Black voices. Dismantling white supremacy and exposing and overcoming this country’s racist roots is her primary mission. She also aims to show her daughter how beautiful her Black skin is despite what the world may tell her, and inspire her to always go after her dreams. Please support Chloe’s antiracist mission by finding her at a local maker’s market, or making a purchase on the Chase My Creations website.

Chloe Longmire of Chase My Creations
Chase My Creations clothing
Chase My Creations water bottle
Chase My Creations clothing on display
Chloe Longmire & daughter Chase supporting Black Lives Matter movement
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