Inik Soap Co.

We partnered with Inik Soap Company for Mother’s Day 2021, and founder Kristin Schmitt created two body care packages paired with Classy Girl Cupcakes baked goods. The Neapolitan Package paired our Neapolitan Layer Cake with a donut shaped bath bomb, sugar scrub, and popsicle shaped soap in scrumptious scents. The Rose Gold Package paired a 6 pack of Rose Gold Cupcakes with a rose petal bath bomb, soap, and lip balm to pamper Milwaukee mothers and beyond!

“Inik” means “unique” in Haitian Creole, and Inik Soap Company founder Kristin Schmitt found a unique way to be able to take care of her beloved grandmother through her business. Inik was born shortly after Grams was diagnosed with moderate stage Alzheimer’s disease. Kristin decided to abandon her plans for medical school to start her own business so she could spend time with her family and be there to help her grandparents with the recent diagnosis. After researching numerous options nothing stuck. There was nothing fulfilling about the prospects and they were all missing one thing: GIVING BACK. So she started to think outside the box…

Some of Kristin’s fondest memories of Grams surround crafting and cooking. That’s where it clicked. She was going to create homemade crafts and donate a portion of the proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association. You can read more about Kristin’s journey on the Alzheimer’s Association blog. Kristin donates a portion of profits to Alzheimer’s research, and Classy Girl Cupcakes is proud to support her in the process. 

Kristin Schmitt, owner of Inik Soap Company
Kristin Schmitt of Inik Soap Co.
Rose Gold Inik Soap Package
Rose Gold Inik Soap Co. Package
Neapolitan Inik Soap Co Package
Neapolitan Inik Soap Co Package
Inik Soap Co. Energize Soap
Inik Soap Co. Energize Soap
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