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Pets Helping People logo.Classy Girl Cupcakes partnered with with pet therapy organization Pets Helping People in Fall 2021. Pets Helping People, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the training, accreditation and support of sensitive human/canine therapy dog teams in Southeastern Wisconsin. They have been providing this valuable service since 1998, and currently have more than 125 active volunteer Handler/Dog teams that reach over 5000 people annually, particularly those in need of comfort and support.

Handler/Dog teams work with seniors, veterans, children, women’s shelters, AODA agencies, hospitals, rehab centers, memory care communities, and so many more organizations. It’s a wonderful mission that recognizes the value of the interaction of people and animals and acknowledges how animals can bring a sense of calm, love, attention, and an immeasurable bond. The joy people feel when they meet a friendly dog is demonstrated by their huge smiles, and it is well known that these encounters can lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce overall stress, anxiety, and agitation, increase mental stimulation and brain activity, and provide a greater sense of community and comfort. Pet therapy interaction can also decrease loneliness and isolation, especially for former pet owners who miss their beloved animals after they are moved to new resident settings.

Young girl and dog reading at the library.

Now more than ever people have been deprived of human interactions. According to numerous sources, issues of isolation and loneliness have doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pets Helping People addresses the need for people to connect in a non-threatening, compassionate manner. They believe incorporating a loving dog with its owner is a magical way to make a connection, promote positive health, and spread some joy. After more than a year of deprivation, their teams are anxious to return to their visiting schedules, and services will be sought after more than ever.

Members of the military petting a happy dog.

You can help support Pets Helping People by making a donation today, signing up for pet therapy training with your furry friend, and attending these fun events to learn more!

Pets Helping People recruitment flyer.

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