Assorted Flower Wedding Cake

A stunning design with of buttercream flowers cascading over smooth tiers of buttercream. In your wedding of colors, flowers can include hydrangeas, zinnias, chrysanthemums, dahlias, gardenias, and more. Roses can be incorporated resting on top or ledges. Flowers are accented with sugar pearls, buttercream leaves, buds, petals, or baby’s breath.

Standard Wedding Cake: $6.50+ per serving
Gluten Free Wedding Cake: $7.00+ per serving
Vegan Wedding Cake: $7.00+ per serving
Gluten Free Vegan Wedding Cake: $7.50+ per serving

*Wedding cakes are priced by the serving depending on flavor, filling and design. Please note we only bake 100% from scratch and use our natural homemade buttercream. We don’t work with fondant, gum paste or other artificial frosting preparations. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation for a more specific quote.

*Some ingredients and decor may be modified for Gluten Free and Vegan cakes. Please visit our FAQ – Cakes page for allergen and ingredient information.

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