Coronavirus Layer Cake

Though this cake may be considered in poor taste, it sure does taste delicious!:) Ordered by a client during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine to give his co-workers a good chuckle, this cake features a hand piped buttercream coronavirus design. Sweetness is infectious!

4″ personal cake: $25

6″ serves 8-10: $45

8″ serves 12-16: $65

10″ serves 18-24: $85

*Please use the “Notes” field to clarify color shades only. Additional design requests may alter the price of your cake and should be discussed with bakery staff prior to ordering.

*Some ingredients and decor may be modified for Gluten Free and Vegan cakes. Please visit our FAQ – Cakes page for allergen and ingredient information.

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Coronavirus Layer Cake - Top
Coronavirus Layer Cake