Number Cupcake Party Tray

Celebrate graduating from elementary, middle, high school, college, university, grad school, law school, medical school, dental school, ring in New Year’s Eve, or celebrate a birthday or anniversary with this platter of 26 cupcakes featuring a year or numbers piped in colors of your choice. Choose up to 4 flavors, or the most popular chocolate & vanilla.

26 Standard Cupcakes: $115.00
26 Gluten Free Cupcakes: $128.00
26 Vegan Cupcakes: $128.00
26 Gluten Free Vegan Cupcakes: $140.00

*Gluten Free and Vegan cupcakes will be baked in silver foil liners due to their more delicate nature. If you prefer a different color, they will be baked in colored foil liners. Some ingredients and decor may be modified for special dietary cupcakes. Please visit our FAQ – Cupcakes page for allergen and ingredient information.

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Number Cupcake Party Tray
Number Cupcake Party Tray