Toy Story Cupcake Party Tray

Inspired by the Disney Pixar Toy Story movies, these cupcakes feature designs like Buzz Lightyear’s vest, Woody the cowboy’s sheriff star badge on cow animal print, Jessie the cowgirl’s boots and hat, alien, Hamm the pig, etc. on a platter of 24 cupcakes. Choose up to 4 flavors, or the most popular chocolate & vanilla.

24 Standard Cupcakes: $130.00
24 Gluten Free Cupcakes: $142.00
24 Vegan Cupcakes: $142.00
24 Gluten Free Vegan Cupcakes: $154.00

*Gluten Free and Vegan cupcakes will be baked in silver foil liners due to their more delicate nature. If you prefer a different color, they will be baked in colored foil liners. Some ingredients and decor may be modified for special dietary cupcakes. Please visit our FAQ – Cupcakes page for allergen and ingredient information.

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Toy Story Cupcake Party Tray
Toy Story Cupcake Party Tray