Willy Wonka Tiered Cake

Inspired by the book Charlie and the Chocolate factory by author Roald Dahl and subsequent movie and film adaptations, this brightly colored cake features Willy Wonka’s purple hat with a golden ticket, and the chocolate river running through a green grass scene bubbling with buttercream candy and lollipops. The text on the Golden Ticket is customizable (“Feb. 1, 10am Sharp, Front Gates” is the original text from the story)

6″ & 4″ tiered cake (serves 12-16): $140

8″ & 6″ tiered cake (serves 26-30): $190

10″ & 8″ tiered cake (serves 42-46): $240

*Please use the “Notes” field to clarify color shades only. Additional design requests may alter the price of your cake and should be discussed with bakery staff prior to ordering.

*Some ingredients and decor may be modified for Gluten Free and Vegan cakes. Please visit our FAQ – Cakes page for allergen and ingredient information.

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Willy Wonka Tiered Cake
Willy Wonka Tiered Cake